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Low vision is a term which refers to both mild and severe vision problems. Many eye conditions, such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, can result in a loss of vision. You may be referred for low vision care if no treatment options are left that will adequately restore your eyesight and the best eyeglass prescription is not sufficiently enhancing your vision.

When your vision needs cannot be met by conventional methods, optometrist Dr. Arthur Siegel provides comprehensive evaluation and unique low vision services to help improve your eyesight. Through examination, demonstration, education, and the development of new skills, low vision care, also known as vision rehabilitation, helps to improve daily function and quality of life.


Our Goals in Care

Through low vision care, our goal is to:

  • Improve your reading vision through the use of strong reading glasses which are above the range of standard reading prescriptions
  • Eliminate the discomfort and distortion caused by glare, using sunglasses and specially-designed filters
  • Improve the ability to perform close-up work and appreciate increased contrast through enhanced lighting
  • Provide instruction in new techniques to advance skills for functioning at home and to enhance mobility and lessen travel difficulties
  • Promote your security and comfort through guidance and information regarding publications, support groups, outside resources and agencies which can provide additional information and services

Patients learn about low vision aids such as:

  • Video magnifiers and electronic magnification aids which employ the latest technology
  • Telescopic vision aids such as for viewing signs and identifying approaching vehicles and to improve viewing of TV, sporting events and movies
  • Non-optical aids including:
    • Prescription bottle magnifiers
    • Enhanced-display blood pressure monitors
    • Enlarged telephone dials
    • Check-writing guides
    • Pill dispensers
    • Enlarged watch faces
  • Computer enlargement software featuring various programs which enlarge print beyond your computer's present capacity
  • Magnification aids such as hand and stand magnifiers to improve reading

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Continued Support

Through the low vision services provided by Dr. Siegel, we hope to show our patients that we are with them all the way. While it is difficult to reach a point in care where neither standard eyeglasses nor medical procedures can provide any further improvement, we want you to know that we still have care to offer.

In order to best serve our patients, Monmouth Low Vision Center is part of Ophthalmic Physicians of Monmouth, delivering care from the same facility. This allows you to keep appointments at an office you are familiar with, to interact with staff you already know, and to spend the time you need to concentrate on your appointment rather than feeling tense or rushed by travel to a distant location.

Dr. Siegel has been able to provide extra-high-strength eyeglasses to enable a patient with low vision to return to reading music with her choir; specially- designed reading correction glasses for a business executive, allowing him to continue performing his job; and an electronic video magnifier for a bookkeeper so that she could go on working with numbers. His expertise offers hope and opportunity to our patients.

Low vision care allows us to assist in extending your comfort and your enjoyment of life. Even if small, we are committed to helping you continue to achieve any and every improvement possible.

Please call our office at 732-739-0707 to learn more about low vision evaluation and care for you or someone you know who would benefit from Dr. Siegel's services.

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