Basic Eye Care

Because of the complexity of the eye, its care necessitates the skill of knowledgeable, experienced doctors and the use of quality, high tech equipment combined with the most current diagnostic and treatment techniques. Our doctors are specialists in the fields of ophthalmology and optometry. Each has the training and expertise to provide the care you need along with a commitment to compassionate service for every patient.

Each of us values our precious eyesight. Our vision enhances our ability to pursue and enjoy our lives. Eye care is important throughout our lifetime.

Problems with our eyesight can occur at any age but it is often as adults that the loss of sharp, clear vision may start. An annual eye health evaluation is recommended for those above 65, those with a family history of glaucoma or those who have diabetes. Many eye diseases display no noticeable symptoms and go undetected by the patient.

Today, prompt diagnosis, cutting-edge treatment and advanced technology may be able to save the eyesight of those who are aging and might just years ago have had it permanently diminished.

Children's eyesight is also protected and preserved through the practice of ophthalmology. Routine eye exams, timely diagnosis and excellent treatment all help to maintain your child's invaluable vision.

Our doctors provide sophisticated medical and surgical skill to assure the highest level of care and the most successful outcome for both you and your child.

Please read further or call and speak with any member of our team to learn more about all of our services.

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